Our Services

Our Services

The Mulching Man, based in Athens, Georgia, offers fast and efficient land clearing, mulching, and other land management services. Established in 2014, we are committed to making our customers happy with the job we do. We complete each job with great care and attention to detail. Whether you are a land owner, a complex owner or a commercial builder, our professional land management services can transform your property.

We have the knowledge, experience and the equipment to clear your land quickly, safely and inexpensively. We perform forestry mulching, an efficient and eco-friendly process of clearing the land. This method returns the nutrients back to the land.

The Mulching Man can complete your project on time and within your budget.

Mulching Man
Mulching Man

We Specialize In

  • Forestry Mulching
  • Cutting
  • Landing Clearing and Grinding
  • Land Management
  • Driveway Creation
  • Land Cleaning
  • Storm Water Pond Maintenance
Mulching Man

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